New Oil – Same Certainty

Preparation, harvest, selection, care, milling, analysis, bottling, quality control and, finally, SALE.

We took a while to wait, but such a difficult season could not allow us to leave anything to chance.

All the chemical and organoleptic analyzes have confirmed that our Biodynamic Evo Oil of the NEW 2021/2022 season is excellent!

Acidity, peroxides, panel tests have promoted the ally of your tables with flying colors.

A genuine and guaranteed product, with rigorous cultivation and production standards.

Finally on sale to pamper your refined palates!

The harvest of the new olives reveals the new fragrances of 2021 oil

Limited quantity but excellent quality.

The weather situation of this season had already made it clear that the harvest would be modest in quantity.

This is why we have put even more care and dedication into the daily cultivation of our estate.

We were impatient but we were confident, and our love for nature has rewarded us again.

Since the first grinding, a unique perfume has invaded our small mill, polished for the occasion and kept well away from products external to our estate.

In religious silence, out of breath and curious about the result, we waited for the first drop of our precious and delicious nectar to rise.


It couldn’t be otherwise!

Now we await the instrumental and organoleptic analyzes of our product, the quality certifications and the end of the harvest and milling …

… and finally our GREEN GOLD will be ready to accompany your best culinary preparations and delight your precious palates!


The magic season of the olives harvest is on

The harvest of our olives has begun.

Zone by zone, Plant by Plant, Branch by Branch, Olive by Olive.

Let’s start with the plants whose olives have reached the right degree of ripeness, leaving the others time to continue their right and natural evolution.

Change everything by choosing the right moment to collect …

Change the color … Change the scent … Change the flavor by improving your every dish!

We have put our best spotlight on the most important phases of our work!

To give you, again, the best!

A new season, a new website, a new production of our delicious extra virgin olive oil

Can poetry exist only in the pages of a book or on the stage ?

Our Olio Evo is poetry that brings together all the flavors.

The 2020/21 season has a remarkable quality flavor!

Don’t miss the last bottles!

Ciao ! Come posso aiutarti ?