It is now the perfect time to produce our new excellent extra virgin olive oil

Nature, the cycle of the seasons, the amount of water and sun.

Nothing is predictable, nothing can be conditioned, nothing in nature can be controlled!

It is Nature that commands us. And respect is needed! You have to choose to respect. Without compromises !

This is our philosophy, and nature thanks us every year by rewarding us!

We have prepared all the equipment, disinfected and cleaned our mill like a mirror, prepared all the spaces and workers, educated and listened to new procedures.

We are monitoring every area of ​​our estate on a daily basis to pick our precious olives exactly when nature tells us that they are at the optimal degree of ripeness for the characteristics we want from our green nectar.

Only when the moment is perfect will we gently start the manual harvesting of the fruit of our work.

But now we wait, watch and respect!

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